I have now been working at Softwire for over a month and I have really been enjoying it. Based in Kentish Town there are roughly 60 employees at a company that has been going for almost 11 years now. They develop bespoke software for literally any kind of company – whether it be mobile applications, databases, websites or online reservation systems. So if you need any work please do get in touch at robert.desmond [at}!

I joined the tail end of a project for a company whereby we are re-developing their software for a cross-platform solution using Java. My work was to develop some dialog boxes for this application that tied in with the rest of the project and the work completed by my two colleagues. This has allowed me to get to grips with IntelliJ and SVN repositories too.

The company we are working for has a product that is a bank of camera sensors that track LEDs which light up at specific times when told to by the hardware (gait (walking pattern) analysis) that can be attached to a human body. The fact that the system knows which one flashes at which time means that occlusion does not confuse the system as to which marker went where. (A bit like the DiamondTouch table and tracking which user touched where as opposed to general finger touches that could be anyones) The data can then be used by this application that I have been working on to be analysed for medical research and diagnosis, as well as professional sports analysis. They are the world leader in this sort of stuff and its really great to work on quite a fun project (even if I am just working on dialog boxes!).

Having completed this task (although the client hasn’t signed off on it), I have moved on to an internal project for automating the company’s appraisal process that occurs annually. This is using MVC with .NET C# web development which is new for me, however I am quite quickly getting into it and working out how the project (which has been developed a lot before me) works and how I am to progress.

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