Life update

Life update

A fair few more people have been mentioning to me that they have been reading my blog, which is a) scary and b) cool!

I thought for the sake of my future self as well as others who are interested I would give a little update on my life status.

I have been working on iPhone apps for almost a couple of months now. I have been really enjoying it an learning a lot.

I have a new iPhone game I would like to develop, however a family friend is starting a restaurant and would like me to do some web work for him (creating a simple website and web form), followed by an HTML5 version of the game to give his customers some deals etc…

I have also taken some equity in a company that my friend Ed Clayton is working on. I am developing the iPhone app for them (and might have to venture into other mobile versions of the app) and hopefully can create some business with some contacts of mine.

Another contact has an idea for a messaging app which I am quite excited to hear about!

In terms of apps I have a few more game ideas to develop in the future also which is my future plan after hopefully releasing JumpDuck next week! ­čÖé

Otherwise I have grand plans to cycle the Alps from Lake Geneva to the┬áMed sea which I plan to do after the London olympics (perhaps with Rob Dimsdale from Softwire) see┬á–┬á

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