Update March 2014

Update March 2014

I thought I would give an update on my blog as it has been a while since I did so!

A major project that I have been working on for almost 6 months now is about to go live. I am looking forward to releasing it next week and showing the world what me and (now) a team of developers have created.

Recently I also managed to get a bit of spare time to start developing a side project in php. The main goals of this are really to get back into programming as I have taken some time away from that side of Software Development for a while. I thought it would be a nice time to get into some of the UX aspects of projects by playing around with ajax and javascript some more. I find it really rewarding when you can show something visual, even if the back-end parts take a lot longer to plan and develop and are actually, personally more satisfying to complete.

This side-project is coming together slowly as I dedicate more and more time to it. I look forward to releasing it when it is presentable, but it is a database tool that I would find very useful at least, and hope that many more would do so too.

I have another side project that I really want to complete, but find myself not having nearly enough time, patience etc… to actually get anywhere with it. That is to edit down a video from my 25 day cycle across Europe that ended just over 5 months ago! There is a lot of footage which I have whittled down to about 3 hours, but there is a lot more that needs to be cut, let alone the masses of editing that needs to be done before I can release it. I am hoping to dedicate 5 hours on it a week in order to chip away at it in a structured fashion, rather than attacking it randomly as I have been doing.

Otherwise, there are grand plans for another iPhone game in the future. The recent success of Flappy Bird and 2048 are really inspiring to see. Not to mention the WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook. On top of all this, there may be another project to manage that might get funding thanks to a friend’s application to some grants!

All very exciting, not to mention the “Ride for the Living” bike ride that I am helping to organise in June from Auschwitz to the JCC in Krakow.

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