Oliver Lamming and Emanuel Carraud were at Cambridge as CompScis and Business students respectively. They started up (with a third ComputerScientist who is now at Google) a year ago with a SuDoku application for the iPhone which allows you to take a picture of a sudoku from a paper and it will do some clever ocr stuff and alignment and image processing etc… and automatically solve it for you!


I was looking to work with them over the summer in Cambridge but because of their limitations with pay and revenue share I decided to move back to London and develop at home.

Now I am working for my own company (Dezco) to develop these apps; however I am also consulting Northern and Shell on all things technical which includes iPhone and iPad apps, websites etc… The apps that I will be developing will be a 50:50 revenue split with this company and so we both have incentives to work towards it.

Currently I do not have the correct version of Mac OS X and so am waiting for an upgrade and hence planning my projects for the future!

I move to SoftWire in Kentish Town in October to work as a software developer there.

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