Leaving Softwire

Leaving Softwire

I spent about a year and a half at Softwire developing various pieces of software, back and front end, on and off site. As a consultancy you get to work on all different types of projects and you tend to rotate every few months. We used lots of different languages and technologies including C#, Java, php, html, javascript, python, jQuery, Silverlight, MySQL MSSQL etc…

They are  a fantastic company to work for – in fact the 6th Best Small Company according to The Times. I could not have thought of anything to make working life better there, and if I did I implemented it (like having Nando’s in the office for lunch the first Tuesday of every month or having a gym in the office). The working environment allowed you to be surrounded by incredibly smart and motivated people so you could learn a lot and solve your problems quickly and efficiently. However was relaxed enough to be an enjoyable place to work.

The client list was impressive – including ICAP, BBC, Telegraph Media Group.

I left the company to start creating my own apps and games, probably on the iOS platform – much like OK! Match. I am now doing this and might look to take some office space from Softwire in the future. I plan to start doing this by myself and if things go well possibly look to employing people in the future.

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