Personal application/game development/consultancy

Personal application/game development/consultancy

Since leaving Softwire I have decided to work on my own games and apps, starting with the iPhone, possibly moving onto other mobile platforms, then if all things are good Xbox arcade and then maybe a full Xbox release in years to come – but these are just mad plans in my head!

I am hopefully going to finish JumpDuck but will have to rename it because someone else has taken the name!

Many people also come to me for some advice and so I was thinking of charging myself out for some consultancy. Similarly many friends have plans for websites and apps that they would like to develop and so I am available for a discussion on taking equity or being employed for a period.

However I am going to work on some of my own ideas for now (although always open to ideas that come up) as I would quite like to complete something solo first and then move on to collaborations in the future.

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