Breaking the iPhone (4S) Cover and Back

Breaking the iPhone (4S) Cover and Back

Whilst cycling to Cambridge one day I hit a pot hole so hard that the iPhone case on my handle bars swung open and the phone fell on it’s face breaking the screen. Thinking it was my fault for not securing it correctly I kept the iPhone holder and lo and behold a few weeks later the same thing happened after I replaced the screen.

Smashed Screen

There are several ways to replace an iPhone screen. Supposedly Apple will do it for £90 and I have heard of a few pop up companies that will do it for £50. You can also do it yourself for about £20 with a cover off eBay (like this).

The back will only run you a few pounds though (eBay as well); it is really easy to change too. Two small screws at the bottom of the phone (which are a custom shape that Apple created) followed by a slide of the back gets it off and you can replace the whole back in about 2 minutes.

The front however is a little more complicated! You have to remove quite a lot of the components to even get the screen off (taking about an hour) and then you need to make sure you *don’t* tear the wires that connect the chips that handle the data to and from the screen (which I did the first time requiring me to do it all over again).

Taking the iPhone apart

For anyone who is into their ‘taking stuff apart’ I seriously recommend this experience. I needed to learn some patience with the smaller screws that are a little more fiddly – but actually some tweezers gave me a lot of help.

I used a piece of paper to label the appropriate components and screw sizes for when putting the phone back together. This was after the first time thinking I could remember it all but struggling to find the screws that fit back in their place! I read the iFixit guide on my iPad to take the phone apart – make sure you use the correct model as the 4 and the 4s have some small differences that might cause you to break the headphone jack like I did!

Back of the iPhoneAs with all Apple products, even the interior working of the phone are quite neat too.

Long story short – don’t use this iPhone holder on your bike! I will be getting a new one which I will review soon.

iPhone Bike holder

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