Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Soup

Broccoli is a fantastic vegetable that can taste incredible with the right accompanying food and I like to add lots of interesting herbs and spices into the mix that can really make it not only a ridiculously healthy meal but also damn tasty too!

Not many people know this but broccoli actually contains a fair bit of protein in terms of calorific content (about 20% depending on your sources – which can be just as high as chicken or so). Not to mention the amount of vitamins and minerals (particularly vitamin C).

You will need:

  • One large head of broccoli
  • Chicken Stock
  • Any herbs and spices you wish to add

You want to keep most of the stalk as the nutritional content is in that. Find a nice big head that you can trim the stale bits of the stalk.

Boil some water (I use about a litre for one large head of broccoli) and place the broccoli in. Add some salt, pepper, chili powder and parsley. Keep it in for a few minutes until it is easy enough to cut.

Boiling the Broccoli

Blend the whole piece in a blender with some of the water to make it easier to blend.

Blending the Brocolli

Place back in the pot once fine and add a chicken (or vegetable) stock.

Brewing The Broccoli Soup

Boil away enough water/add water to the consistency you want. Taste to see if there needs to be more salt/pepper (don’t be afraid to over season!).

Finished Broccoli Soup

If there is too much you can always save it and have it for lunch the next day! 🙂

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