Reboot With Joe Cross: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Reboot With Joe Cross: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Possibly the most inspiring movie I have ever seen in my life, featuring one of the most inspiring people, Joe Cross:

Joe Cross

At 41, Joe was massively overweight, he was sick with an auto-immune disease which caused rashes all over his body. Joe was taking a range of tablets daily just to keep his issues under control, including prednisone. He believed that he was nearly dead and would be if he continued his lifestyle. Having tried many different ways to sort himself out: seeing 6 doctors, trying acupuncture, chinese herbal medication, witch doctors etc. Joe was stuck.

He thought that since the body can do amazing things healing itself on the outside (e.g. cuts and scrapes) then surely it can do the same on the inside?

He tried a juice diet before and found it worked well to ‘reboot’ his body. Simply fresh fruit and vegetable juice. That is: no food; no meat; no caffeine. No eating at all; just juice. He had tried it for short periods of time, but this time he decided to document it for 60 days, including travelling across America to inform others about what he was doing.

Joe manages to lose a ridiculous amount of weight, ween himself off of all his medication and feel a lot better in the whole process. Not only that but he looks fantastic at the end of it. He also inspires another person to get on the diet and the exact same thing happens to him. Perhaps even more inspiring than Joe’s journey.

Joe’s documentary is very enjoyable to watch. There is no indication in the film that his way is the right way, it is simply filmed with both positive and negative reactions. Fly-on-the-wall style. It has now been watched by over 6 million people in the world which shows how popular it is.

Obviously this diet isn’t relevant for everyone and depending on your goals it may not be sensible at all. Although Joe does suggest a reboot every now and again for ‘regular people’. Throughout his process he is regularly monitored by doctors and urges that everyone who wants to try this does so under doctor consultancy.

I recommend it for everyone to watch as a source of information and I believe that everyone will take something away from it. The people I have shown it to (about 9 so far) have all been inspired by it – and in fact wanted to start juicing afterwards despite not needing it!

Currently it is freely available to watch on Youtube: and searching for “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” should hopefully get you to a place where you can watch it if this link doesn’t work. Check out his website too:

At the time of writing there is a premier showing in Leicester Square, London tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd July 2013) where you should be able to turn up and get free entry if you are early enough. Message me if you want me to make sure you get guaranteed tickets as I have contact with Joe.

It should be on Channel 5 on Wednesday 10th July 2013 and I seriously recommend everyone to watch it.

As Joe says: Juice on!

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