The 6 influencers of life: How Joe Cross will make you happier

The 6 influencers of life: How Joe Cross will make you happier

Want to feel happier? Want to have more energy? Want to feel and look better? Then keep reading, and if you like the sound of it, watch the movies.

Our health is incredibly complex, but it is made up of 6 main factors:

  • Whether you smoke
  • What you consume (food and drink)
  • How much you exercise
  • How much sleep you get
  • How much stress you have
    and last, and definitely not least:
  • Your network and sense of belonging

Joe Cross has just released his second movie (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2) which I cannot recommend more (but watch both!). In the first instalment he went on a juicing journey losing a load of weight, in the process he came off all of his medication and became happier, more energetic and started to think more clearly. The story is about happiness, something we can all relate to. The theme of weight loss can be off-putting for many who can’t relate to being “fat”; but for me, the whole experience shows how important diet is related to happiness.

Before Joe’s first movie, a statistic that stuck in his mind was that 70% of illness is caused by lifestyle choices. This means that 30% is just bad luck: genetics; wrong place wrong time; you can’t do much about it. But wait, a huge amount of illness is caused by those 6 factors – so he said lets see if life improves by sorting out some of those external factors for at least a few months.

After an extreme 60 day juice fast (consult a doctor before attempting anything like this), he lost a load of weight and was already seeing clear improvements in his medical conditions – weening himself off of all his medication after just a few months of more good eating. He felt better, looked better, and most importantly he was clearly happier! What a fantastic and inspirational journey.

This second movie shows many more success stories, and it follows what happens after you lose the weight…then what? People say you look great, you feel fantastic and most important – you are healthy…job done right? Well, not quite. There isn’t an issue of people losing weight in the world, but it is keeping it off and staying happy that is difficult. It is difficult because life still gets in the way – stress, work and relationships can play a huge factor. This is where it is more obvious that the movie isn’t about a diet, it’s about life.

Joe’s method of documenting is “fly on the wall”, he shows what the world is like, what people say and think without “preaching” a certain perspective. Joe confesses to not being a doctor and not knowing enough about science to make claims, but he can share his personal experience, he can exhibit other success stories. He wants to promote the “When Harry Met Sally Moment” – I’ll have what she’s having.

Over the past few years, I have shown his first movie to about 50 people and watched it over 10 times myself. Almost everyone being inspired by it, but there are some more skeptical reactions, e.g. “a juice diet can’t be good for you”. If you watch the movie, you will see case studies that show how it has worked for a load of people – but you yourself obviously don’t have to go to such extremes. The main lesson is that increasing more fruit and vegetable intake is clearly good for you.

Joe is a great advocate because he has experienced the whole journey first hand, he used to live the unhealthy lifestyle, and of course still desires it. He doesn’t preach that everyone should eat vegan all the time, he knows that isn’t achievable for most people, and its not fun! In fact he himself enjoys spending 20% of his life in the “fun part of town” whilst maintaing a diet that promotes an increase from 5% to 40% (of calorific intake) from fruit and vegetable to boost the body’s micronutrient intake.

Still unconvinced? On social media I have seen and heard so many testimonies of people curing their clinical depression through diet, curing migraines and curing arthritis. Many regular pill takers are now clean off their meds. Simply from increasing their fruit and vegetable intake – helping to boost the power of their body.

Joe has simply saved many lives.

So, if you are interested in having a happy life worth living, then you should watch his films: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 is now out on iTunes.

Joe Cross, my friend Ata and myself at a talk in London 2014 by Joe
Joe Cross, my friend Ata and myself at a talk in London 2014 by Joe
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