Programming Course: W3Schools

Programming Course: W3Schools

Everyone these days seems to want to become a software developer and has been asking me for tips on how to get involved. Now most people don’t actually want to change professions, but would rather just have a bit more domain knowledge so they can’t get bulls***ted about by developers.


Everything on the web is free and available I wouldn’t pay for a course. If you get stuck, Stack Overflow is the place you will end up – where someone will have already asked your question.

But where do you start?

Every website presents HTML code to the browser – so start there.

Then in order to style it you need CSS.

In order to interact with it you use a resource called jQuery (that runs in Javascript).

If you know the basics of all of these things then you can build websites.

The best resource I have found is W3Schools:

It is completely free and each ‘course’ will only take a few weeks if you dedicate some good time to it.

This site has details about everything HTML and also has little tests and if you do actually want to pay: certificates if you so please!

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