Part II Project & CMS

Part II Project & CMS

Last night I attended a talk with the Chase group where my friend Claude Schneider was talking about content management systems.

Claude did a fantastic introductory talk and I was very impressed!

There were representatives from Drupal which seemed pretty good but very similar to this WordPress; however there was a representative from ExpressionEngine which seems like a very impressive, comprehensive and easy to use system despite the potential cost of purchasing it!

Anyway, I have now seen enough to realise that there is no point designing your own CMS anymore – there are enough out there that will save you enough time and enough plugins that people have created because of the similarity of problems across the world!

I wanted to also create a method of documenting my Part II Project which was meant to be done by hand using a paper booklet, however I decided to use an online system – which I decided to use WordPress, however think I will try to hook up ExpressionEngine just so I can get experience with both! Either way it will be put here! Enjoy!

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