Cycling from London to Ibiza

Cycling from London to Ibiza

The total ride was 1000 miles and I stayed in random hostels and hotels that I found along the way.

It took 11 elapsed days (including the rest day in Paris). Spending a night in the following places:

  • Newhaven
  • Paris
  • Orleans
  • Bourges
  • Montlucon
  • Clermont-Ferrand
  • Saint-chely d’Apcher
  • Pezenas
  • Figures
  • Barcelona

The first day to Paris 5 of us went to Brighton with me going on to Barcelona. The rest took their London to Barcelona tee shirts back on the train to London!

The group down to Brighton
The tee shirts

Day 2 saw me reaching Paris after the longest ride of my life (approximately 120 miles) starting at 4 am when the ferry got in to Dieppe. Riding on the Avenue Verte (a disused railway line that has been tarmac’ed over).

Reaching Paris

The hardest part was the Massif-Centrale which to be honest I wasn’t really expecting! The Pyranees route I took by the coast wasn’t actually that challenging as it wasn’t that steep.

The fun part of hills

That final day I met someone riding from Barcelona to Stockholm who was camping.

Reaching Spain
La Sagrada Familia

When I reached Barcelona I had the afternoon to chill which could have been nice on the beach before my ferry to Ibiza. However there was a big hill with a massive church on top (Tibidabo) which looked like fun (about a 500m climb) which after 1000 miles I should have declined to do and rested, but decided to do anyway!

View from the top of Barcelona

All in all a good trip that has inspired my friend to organise the same trip a year later, but taking it a bit slower than I did! I will likely join him to Paris though (and am doing Paris again this coming weekend!).

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