JumpDuck a week on

JumpDuck a week on

So I have spent a little bit of time putting in some template images to just get all the functionality there before I spend a lot of time working on the graphics but now I have a game that allows me to jump and duck (and play appropriate animations with my stick man!), lose lives and gain points (and even gain a life from a power up of some sort), together with a score counter and a life counter (currently with just the temporary logo). The background (also temporary) also scrolls from right to left continuously which is quite nice.

I am missing the obstacles to jump and duck (i.e. the whole point of the game) and there needs to be a lot of work on the graphics, but I am leaving that til last as I want the functionality there before I do that. Contemplating whether I should get someone to help me with the graphics as it would save me a lot of time and would no doubt be better 

Part of the motivation for doing this is to complete a game alone without any help so perhaps I will get this one done (and then I will learn how to do the hard graphics stuff) and then next time if I don’t have the time I can get some help.

My agile wall has been working well and I got more than expected into done (although I have been cheating with the images a bit as they clearly need some more work but I have said that they are done for template purposes).

I aimed to get 5 hours done last sprint and got 8 (although 3 of them were image ones that I have kind of cheated with).

No retro really took place as I am pleased with my progress and my motivation is still here. I have about 6 hours of programming time left and somewhere in the range of 10-20 hours graphic design if I want to make it look nice. So a good strong development week should be able to see me complete the technical side of the game by Sunday night. It’s my birthday on Friday and I’m going to BBQs Saturday afternoon so perhaps I will have to have a day off the bike and gym training to work hard on this over the weekend to get it done. Then I can start giving it to people to test while I work on the graphics over the coming weeks.

I also have some bonus things I would like to add to this release now my progress is going well, but I will add the stories (not fleshed out) into the release 2 column and bring them in if I have time.

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