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Reboot With Joe Cross: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Reboot With Joe Cross: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Possibly the most inspiring movie I have ever seen in my life, featuring one of the most inspiring people, Joe Cross:

Joe Cross

At 41, Joe was massively overweight, he was sick with an auto-immune disease which caused rashes all over his body. Joe was taking a range of tablets daily just to keep his issues under control, including prednisone. He believed that he was nearly dead and would be if he continued his lifestyle. Having tried many different ways to sort himself out: seeing 6 doctors, trying acupuncture, chinese herbal medication, witch doctors etc. Joe was stuck.

He thought that since the body can do amazing things healing itself on the outside (e.g. cuts and scrapes) then surely it can do the same on the inside?

He tried a juice diet before and found it worked well to ‘reboot’ his body. Simply fresh fruit and vegetable juice. That is: no food; no meat; no caffeine. No eating at all; just juice. He had tried it for short periods of time, but this time he decided to document it for 60 days, including travelling across America to inform others about what he was doing.

Joe manages to lose a ridiculous amount of weight, ween himself off of all his medication and feel a lot better in the whole process. Not only that but he looks fantastic at the end of it. He also inspires another person to get on the diet and the exact same thing happens to him. Perhaps even more inspiring than Joe’s journey.

Joe’s documentary is very enjoyable to watch. There is no indication in the film that his way is the right way, it is simply filmed with both positive and negative reactions. Fly-on-the-wall style. It has now been watched by over 6 million people in the world which shows how popular it is.

Obviously this diet isn’t relevant for everyone and depending on your goals it may not be sensible at all. Although Joe does suggest a reboot every now and again for ‘regular people’. Throughout his process he is regularly monitored by doctors and urges that everyone who wants to try this does so under doctor consultancy.

I recommend it for everyone to watch as a source of information and I believe that everyone will take something away from it. The people I have shown it to (about 9 so far) have all been inspired by it – and in fact wanted to start juicing afterwards despite not needing it!

Currently it is freely available to watch on Youtube: and searching for “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” should hopefully get you to a place where you can watch it if this link doesn’t work. Check out his website too:

At the time of writing there is a premier showing in Leicester Square, London tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd July 2013) where you should be able to turn up and get free entry if you are early enough. Message me if you want me to make sure you get guaranteed tickets as I have contact with Joe.

It should be on Channel 5 on Wednesday 10th July 2013 and I seriously recommend everyone to watch it.

As Joe says: Juice on!

BPA Free Bottles

BPA Free Bottles

A good friend of mine, who is both a dentist and personal trainer, has already written about the perils of BPA bottles of water.

BPA is short for Bisphenol A which has been proven to cause changes in hormone levels (particularly oestrogen) as well as having carcinogenic effects – particularly in women causing breast cancer.

BPA Free Bottle

I recently ordered some (personalised) bottles from which look great and are a lot better than drinking from regular plastic bottles. This website has also been setup to donate some of the proceeds to Breast Cancer UK.

They are not only very easy to carry around but also encourage regular rehydration because you always have water with you!

Keeping Things Clean: Broken Factory Windows

Keeping Things Clean: Broken Factory Windows

At my Computer Science course at university we were taught about code cleanliness. An anecdote to describe needing to keep everything you do “clean” was to think of a traditional factory with lots of small windows. If one window is broken should you fix it?

It is just one small window and there are many many more windows, so functionally it doesn’t really matter. One window broken isn’t going to destroy the factory.

However it sets a precedence for the rest of the factory: if that window is broken, then if another one gets broken do you bother fixing that? Well no, because it’s just one little window and you didn’t before. You continue this until suddenly there are smashed windows everywhere and the factory workers don’t really care about the quality of their work because they work in an environment where things aren’t looked after.

The analogy to coding here is clear, but it can be added to so many aspects of life and other professions.

Should you refactor something as soon as you can? Well it might only be one tiny aspect of one file of a massive project so it’s not going to make any difference on the project. However if you don’t clean it, then someone else has a horrible time using it, they will spend ages trying to work it out, maybe cleaning it incorrectly, or perhaps just thinking that since this part is a mess it doesn’t matter if their stuff is a mess too. This is particularly true on larger projects. You should always assume your project is going to become massive; similarly it might not be touched by yourself for years if you really do think you will be the only one using it.

The same can be applied to focus. Maintaining focus on a single particular task is crucial to not only ensure you complete a task to the best of your ability without distractions, but it ensures you are a lot more productive with your time as a whole. Too many people I know spend their life with Facebook open in the background, and email alerts coming up on their phone or desktop whilst they are at work. Not only does it distract your train of thought but it makes one task take a lot longer to complete.

If you can’t focus on a task until it is complete then you haven’t broken the task down into chucks that are actually manageable.

I try and keep these points in mind in all aspects of my life:

  • Actual cleanliness of my flat: clothes, bed, dishes, desk, shelves
  • Work: planning out projects, structuring my day, logistics, coding, sending status updates to clients/mentors
  • Fitness: monitoring progress, organising cycle rides in advance together with logistics, partaking in fitness classes
  • Food: writing down shopping lists, marinating food, preparing ingredients, organising cupboards and work surfaces

Spending the extra time on this overhead of making sure everything is clean and set up correctly will save you valuable time in the long run allowing you to get much more done!

I struggle to understand how people can get anything done when they live in such an unorganised environment:

A ridiculously dirty room
A friend’s dirty room

Another good story was a parent asks his kid why he hasn’t made his bed. The kid says: “I’m just going to mess it up and sleep in it tonight”.

The parent responds with “But you are just going to poo again tomorrow after you go to the toilet today…”.

Mackerel and Vegetables

Mackerel and Vegetables

Mackerel is a healthy fish that contains lots of good oils including omega 3 fatty acids.

It barely needs anything added to it (especially if it is pre-seasoned). A bit of seasoning: some salt, pepper, chilli sprinkled over it.

I have got into a routine of adding vinegar to the mackerel before heating in the oven at 180 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.

Vinegar is supposed to break down the fats and I find it also brings out a great flavour. Generously pour regular vinegar over the mackerel before putting into the oven.

Before grilling the Mackerel and Veg



I also chopped some carrots and parsnips together with some broccoli. Poured over some olive oil, added some salt and pepper and popped in the oven for about 30 minutes to bring out the flavour of the veg.

Some people were a bit sceptical of grilling broccoli, but it frays the “leaves” and finishes them with a nice crispy taste (almost like seaweed in Chinese restaurants).

Seasoned Veg


The final meal is lean and healthy for a small lunch/dinner main meal. I recommend having this with the broccoli soup to start and it allows you to use up the stalk of the broccoli too! Server Mackerel and Veg

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot Salad

Health Benefits

Chop the following finely and mix together for a beautiful and healthy beetroot salad.

  • Beetroot
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Coriander

Healthy Beetroot Salad

They say that foods with the colour red are meant to be good for all things blood related.

study has shown that beets lower the chance of heart disease and strokes (along with broccoli, and spinach).

Garlic is also supposed to reduce cholesterol, and it is also very tasty – even if it does leave you stinking for hours afterwards. It is also supposed to help act as a natural antibiotic that can leave you significantly less likely to catch a cold.

Onions are also believed to have cancer healing properties. As well as helping with hayfever, cholesterol and heart disease it helps to detoxify the body by carrying out waste products.

The final ingredient in this salad is coriander which some people love and some people absolutely detest. However there are some great health benefits from coriander, such as preventing hay fever, relieving headaches, helping to prevent liver, breast and colon cancer.

All in all this is a very healthy salad to accompany a main meal that will help keep the doctor away as well as fill you up in a tasty manner!

Thai Fish (Baked)

Thai Fish (Baked)

This dish is a fantastically healthy way to enjoy really succulent and flavorsome fish and veg. Fresh herbs and spices are fantastic for the body, and the lack of heavy carbohydrates will not cause the need for an afternoon nap!

Ingredient list:

  • Whole sea bass
  • Soy sauce
  • Fish sauce
  • Fresh ginger slices (as thin as possible)
  • Fresh garlic slices (as thin as possible)
  • Fresh chilli slices (as thin as possible)
  • Coconut oil/olive oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Coriander
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 5 Spice mix
  • Broccoli, carrots and parsnips for accompanying grilled vegetables

Seasoning for the Thai Fish

After slicing some ginger and garlic, smother the inside of the fish together with coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a fantastic replacement to normal olive oil. It will encourage fat loss, increase satiety and help control your insulin. All in all very healthy. I was even told that you could live off nothing but coconuts forever (I’m not sure how feasible that actually is – although it might be fun trying!). Follow my very good friend who talks a lot about the strength of coconut oil on Facebook:

Before the seasoning



Then cover the rest of the fish with the sesame oil, coconut oil, a dash of soy sauce and any leftover ginger and garlic.

Add chopped coriander, chopped chillis, 5 spice and chilli flakes (if you want it really spicy).

Finish off with the squeeze of a lime and leave the lime in there.

Seasoned Thai FishWrap up in the foil and bake at 150 degrees C for approximately 30-40 minutes. The juice should keep the fish really tender so it is incredibly easy and juicy to cut.

Serve with roasted vegetables (I used carrots and parsnips) dashed with coconut oil and grilled in the over next to the fish for approximately 20 minutes.

Bon appetite!


Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Soup

Broccoli is a fantastic vegetable that can taste incredible with the right accompanying food and I like to add lots of interesting herbs and spices into the mix that can really make it not only a ridiculously healthy meal but also damn tasty too!

Not many people know this but broccoli actually contains a fair bit of protein in terms of calorific content (about 20% depending on your sources – which can be just as high as chicken or so). Not to mention the amount of vitamins and minerals (particularly vitamin C).

You will need:

  • One large head of broccoli
  • Chicken Stock
  • Any herbs and spices you wish to add

You want to keep most of the stalk as the nutritional content is in that. Find a nice big head that you can trim the stale bits of the stalk.

Boil some water (I use about a litre for one large head of broccoli) and place the broccoli in. Add some salt, pepper, chili powder and parsley. Keep it in for a few minutes until it is easy enough to cut.

Boiling the Broccoli

Blend the whole piece in a blender with some of the water to make it easier to blend.

Blending the Brocolli

Place back in the pot once fine and add a chicken (or vegetable) stock.

Brewing The Broccoli Soup

Boil away enough water/add water to the consistency you want. Taste to see if there needs to be more salt/pepper (don’t be afraid to over season!).

Finished Broccoli Soup

If there is too much you can always save it and have it for lunch the next day! 🙂

A new purpose for this website

A new purpose for this website

Recently I have been doing a lot of cooking for myself for health reasons and I wanted to share my experiences going forward. I also wanted to spend some time sharing my reviews and thoughts on technical devices as well as tracking some of the more fun bike rides and other adventures that I get up to!

Therefore I am going to make much more of an effort to start posting more content on here that people will hopefully find useful. I also plan to automatically tweet these posts along with a Facebook post. So watch out as you get spammed by me!